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Using the Interface: Transcribe and Measure


Highlight a Greek character in the papyrus by clicking on it, then click on the corresponding letter on the on-screen keyboard.

1. Moving a fragment: You can move an image by simply dragging it, clicking the navigation panel or by using the cursor keys on your keyboard.

If you need to enlarge a fragment, there are zoom keys to the upper left of the image. You may also rotate a fragment 90°, if the text needs to be correctly oriented. The rotate button is also to the left of the image.

2. Highlighting Characters: Highlight characters by simply clicking on them. A translucent circle will appear over each character. To correct highlights, simply drag the circle into the correct position. To remove a highlighted character, press the remove button or the backspace on your own keyboard.

3.For accents and a select set of symbols, use the small keyboard on the right of the screen.


To measure fragments, drag the extendable on-screen ruler to the appropriate length (see below) and release. This will submit your measurement to us.

1. There are five kinds of margins we want measured: top, bottom, right, left, and the intercolumn (the space between columns).

2. If you see a preserved margin, measure by simply clicking and dragging the virtual ruler. Here are some general guidelines:

Top Margin: Measure vertically between the top of the first line of text and the highest point of the fragment edge.

Bottom Margin: Measure vertically between the bottom of the last line of text and the lowest point of the fragment edge.

Left Margin: Measure horizontally between the leftmost edge of the fragment and the nearest start of the column text.

Right Margin: Measure horizontally between the rightmost edge of the fragment and the last character of the line end.

Intercolumn: Measure the horizontal space between columns of text. Only one measurement is required.

The above is an outline guide. For in-depth instruction, click on the tutorial on the ANCIENT LIVES website.