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Oxyrhynchus: A City and its Texts, Virtual Exhibition: Symposium Page 1

A British Academy Symposium: 15-18 July, 1998

The year 1898 saw a newcomer on the papyrological scene: the first volume of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri began the publication of Grenfell and Hunt’s remarkable finds at Bahnasa. To mark the centenary of the series the British Academy sponsored a symposium, held in Oxford and London on 15-18 July, 1998. Funding was provided by the British Academy, the Craven Committee, the Board of Management of the Griffith Insitute and the Faculty Board of Literae Humaniores.

The symposium was organised by Drs. Alan Bowman, Revel Coles, Dirk Obbink and Prof. Peter Parsons. Papers were given in Oxford and, on Friday, 17 July, in London. The presentations dealt with the city itself, the excavations and the different kinds of texts and subjects of study represented in the papyrus collection. These will be augmented by additional contributions to produce a comprehensive volume (to be published, we hope, by the Egypt Exploration Society) on Oxyrhynchus and its papyri.

Symposium Programme

The symposium opened with a reception (photos). Introductory remarks were offered by Professor P. J. Parsons (Christ Church, Oxford) and James Allan (Ashmolean Museum).

Papers delivered

Dr. A. K. Bowman (Christ Church, Oxford) Roman Oxyrhynchus: papyri and history
Prof. R. S. Bagnall (Columbia) Family and society in Roman Oxyrhynchus
Mr. D. M. Bailey (British Museum) Architectural blocks from the theatre at Oxyrhynchus
Dr. S. Clackson (Girton College, Cambridge) Coptic Oxyrhynchus
Dr. R. A. Coles (Oxford) Oxyrhynchus, a city and its texts
Dr R. Cribiore (Columbia) The schools of Oxyrhynchus
Prof. E. J. Epp (Case Western Reserve) The New Testament papyri at Oxyrhynchus: their significance for understanding the transmission of the early New Testament text
Prof Géza Fehérvári The Kuwaiti Excavations at Bahnasa/Oxyrhynchus, 1985-7
Prof. D. Hagedorn (Heidelberg) Munizipale Ämter in Oxyrhynchos
Prof. A. Jones (Toronto) Astrologers of Oxyrhynchus
Prof. L. Koenen (Michigan) Egyptian resistance against Greeks and Romans? The case of the Oracle of the Potter and other prophecies
Prof. H. G. T. Maehler (UCL) Greek, Egyptian and Roman law
Dr. Alain Martin (Brussels) Les papyrus d’Oxyrhynchus et le marché des antiquités (à la lumière des archives du Deutsches Papyruskartell)
Dr. D. Obbink (Christ Church, Oxford) Readers and intellectuals at Oxyrhynchus
Dr. Josep Padró (Barcelona) Résultats des derniers travaux archéologiques menés à Oxyrhynchos
Prof. Dr. K. Parlasca (Erlangen) Römische Grabreliefs und Architekturplastik aus Oxyrhynchos
Prof. P. J. Parsons (Christ Church, Oxford) Scribes of Oxyrhynchus
Dr. J. L. Rowlandson (KCL) Oxyrhynchus and its hinterland
Prof. J. D. Thomas (Durham) Latin texts and Roman citizens
Dr. H. V. Whitehouse (Ashmolean Museum) Drawing a fine line in Oxyrhynchus: Egyptian and Graeco-roman draftsmanship on papyrus

Papers offered by title

Prof. M. W. Haslam (Manchester/UCLA) Oxyrhynchus and the textual tradition
Prof. L. Lehnus (Milan) A. S. Hunt: glimpses from the correspondence
Dr. D. Montserrat (Warwick) The excavation of Oxyrhynchus and its coverage in the English press
Mr. M. L. Sharp (Corpus Christi College, Oxford) The food supply of Oxyrhynchus
Prof. W. J. Tait (UCL) Sir Flinders Petrie’s excavations

— modified from a document by Charles Crowther, 16/03/1998