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Oxyrhynchus: A City and its Texts, Virtual Exhibition: Scribes and Scholars

Aeschines, In Ctesiphontem: Second century AD

Two columns from Aeschines’ speech Against Ctesiphon (sections 51-3). Ctesiphon had proposed a decree that the assembly should honour Demosthenes. Demosthenes’ political enemy Aeschines fought the measure with this speech. The copy is written in very bold, squarish capitals. A second hand revised the text for errors and collated its readings with an exemplar different from that from which it was copied. Two erroneously written expressions are deleted in the nearly complete column, one by lining through, and one by placing a line of ink over the top of a line of writing. The papyrus is one of some 45 papyri of Aeschines published thus far, thirty five of them from Oxyrhynchus.

The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol. XXIV no. 2404