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Multispectral imaging: results

Introduction | Procedure | Results 1 | 2 | 3

P.Oxy. LXV 4458 is a text on the causes of the Nile flood, apparently by Posidonius. The scribe left out part of the text of column i at first, then corrected the omission by squeezing in an extra line between lines 19 and 20, continuing into the space between the two columns for several lines. The writing in the space between the columns has been very difficult to read, but MSI brings it out much better than conventional photography. For an earlier attempt to read this portion of the text, see pages 136-7 of the edition by R.L. Fowler, freely downloadable here (from Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 132, 2000, 133-42).

The papyrus as it appears to the naked eye. Move the mouse pointer over the image to display the version obtained by multispectral imaging in the infra-red region. For further options, see the instructions below.


Advanced options, including 'zoom' and 'rewind', are available from the Flash menu. To bring up the menu (shown here), click on the image with the right-hand mouse button (Windows users) or click on the image with the mouse button while holding down the 'ctrl'/'control' key (Macintosh users).

Once you have zoomed in, you can move around inside the image by clicking the mouse button (the left-hand mouse button for Windows users) and moving the mouse in the direction desired while keeping the button depressed. (You may first need to select 'Forward' from the Flash menu, as described above.)