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The Papyri

Click here to go to an indexed database of the papyri. For a complete list of papyri by volume in the database click here.

Special features

New light on the Narcissus myth: P.Oxy. LXIX 4711

Demonstration: Use of Macromedia Flash to move fragments of papyri around in your web browser

A new papyrus of Archilochus

The other Number of the Beast Doing the sums on a different Revelation.

Imaging LV 3804-5 Papyrologists wrestle a ten-foot monster!

Imaging the papyri

Reports in the media (a selection)

NASA Imaging Technology Illuminates Ancient Egyptian Manuscripts The Year in Science: Top 100 Stories - Discover Magazine, January 2006

The ugly end of Narcissus An unpublished Oxyrhynchus papyrus sheds new light on the story. (BBC History Magazine, May 2004)

Decoded at last: the 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of the world (Independent on Sunday, 17 April 2005)

Sofocle, suoni e colori della battaglia (Corriere della Sera, 19 April 2005)

New technology unlocks ancient texts, on multispectral imaging, and Secrets of ancient papyrus fragments revealed , an interview with Dr Dirk Obbink (National Public Radio, 20 April 2005)

Oxyrhynchus oder die Geheimnisse des Sophokles (Die Welt, 22 April 2005)

Papyrus reveals new clues to ancient world (National Geographic News, 25 April 2005)