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Image Requests

We've set out the papyri systematically, one volume at a time; but we may be able to provide particular images out of sequence. If you have a special request, then email us. Requests for permission to use images of papyri of the Egypt Exploration Society for book, films or electronic resources should be sent by e-mail or post to the Society's London Office.

We only ask two things:

  1. Be as specific as you can. The collection contains thousands of published papyri. Just saying (e.g.) ‘New Testament’ or ‘Homer’ isn’t much help to us. Quoting the publication details from the printed volume of Oxyrhynchus Papyri, on the other hand, will make us very happy.
  2. Check the Location Lists. Many of the papyri have been distributed to other institutions. We can’t image material we don’t have.